To ensure that our client's keep up to date with our campaigns, progress and performance we offer our clients with regular reports outlining this information. We know competition in the market is tough so we present our clients with a competitor analysis. This is an evaluation of the variances between the corporation's performances and that of its competitors, exposure and analysis of the factors that cause the difference.

We create quality lead generations for our clients by defining each goal and making sure that the leads fit an ideal customer profile. We generate a sales pipeline for clients to guarantee they are acquiring constant sales along with more consistent outcomes.

We offer direct marketing methods to potential customers in order to generate sales, build customer relationships and raise brand awareness.

Our direct marketing campaigns involve face-to-face presentations that delivers the clients message and achieves their goal. We believe communicating with customers on a face-to-face basis delivers the greatest impact.

4Life Marketing offer clients a three way conference transfer solution, that in real time introduces the consumers to your business who have expressed a firm interest in purchasing your products or services.

For organisations that have inbound call centre facilities, Hot Key Transfers are an essential part of their marketing mix as it provides instant, highly measurable and transparent sales conversion analysis.

Hot Key Transfers enable marketers to more closely manage their CPA's as there are minimal additional marketing costs such as the purchase of data.

Our designated inbound call handling facility is designed to provide our clients with a seamless extension to their own business.

4Life Marketing currently provides a range of services representing a broad range of industry sectors. These services are provided through teams of agents specialising in different call types. Our teams work together in order to provide clients with high quality, cost effective Telemarketing solutions.

Any of 4Life Marketing's Inbound & Call Handling Services can be provided as a total solution, as an overflow facility for a client's own in-house call centre or as an out-of-hours service. Our inbound call centre is supported by an IVR facility which allows for the intelligent routing of calls, in-call message broadcast and basic data capture. Messages that are left on a client's dedicated voice box are regularly transcribed onto our client's database or contact is made where necessary.

We offer clients a complete End to End sales solution. This type of Telemarketing service is becoming increasingly popular with major brand clients who need to compete heavily within their respective industry sectors to gain market share.

4Life Marketing's End to End sales solution will take the consumer from first call all the way through to completing a Direct Debit set up or Credit Card payment deposit.

Clients can simply watch new customers being generated each day, and with live reporting technology our sales performance is truly transparent and can be monitored in real time by our clients.
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